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I quickly realised that all the great leaders of this world have a tribune to express themselfs. From the Grecks who had te Agora to debate, to the medieval kings who had their court and today, the greatest tribune in my opinion, the television, on which any self proclaimed leader can express his opinion to a mass of people hypnotized by the daily garbage broadcasted to the pleb.

On a different scale, the internet provides an oportunity to emerging leader to adress the masses. The internet, is not yet ruled by the same practices that the television now embraces. We can chose what to listen to. The internet audience is not subject to the same propaganda as their conterpart. This is why i choose to join those great leaders in the blogging world. When you blog, those who listen to you (or read what you post) do it by their on free will. They are not bound by any programming and can stop at any times, unlike the televison, which has become an addiction, in my opinion at the same level as smoking or drinking, and now being shown to be as detrimental.

To you my reader, hang thight, this wont be an easy ride, for you and for me.

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